Dreams, Visions, Thoughts, Expressions...

This is the part of the Tribute Page where you share your Melba Toast experiences with us. Your contribution may be a recent dream involving Melba Toast, or visions that you have had. It may revolve around your own particular thoughts about Melba Toast as you have more than likely spent countless hours in front of a cozy fireplace with a glass of wine and slice of Melba Toast, pondering the significance of this most interesting crisp, dried bread. Perhaps you have a unique way of expressing yourself with Melba Toast. Whatever your passion, you may submit your contributions here and they will be considered for this page.


February 18, 1998

I had a restless night of sleep, tossing and turning and dreaming of Melba Toast. My first dream involved being kidnapped by a clan of Satanic Triscuits who placed me upon a altar made of a giant slice of Melba Toast. Then things morphed around and I was in third grade and Mrs. Bose was punishing me for answering every question on a test with "Melba Toast". My punishment was to eat Melba Toast... eating and eating and eating the dry shards of post-bread with no water in sight. In the last dream, Joshua and I had gone to the park and were playing on the jungle gym when I suddenly noticed that it was constructed out of Melba Toast, as were the fences and the slide and the swings. Then it began to rain... Melba Toast. It chaffed our skin as we ran to a Melba Toast shelter on paths of Melba Toast. Two kids stayed out in the rain, playing frisbee with a large piece of Melba Toast, each wearing a Melba Toast hat and clothed sandwich-board-style in large pieces of Melba Toast. I awoke drenched in sweat.

Gordon Lightfoot
(no relation)