The Cineverse Cycle

by Craig Shaw Gardner

More fun from the author of The Ebeneezum Trilogy.

Slaves of the Volcano God

12-8-98 Introducing the unlikely hero/sidekick Roger who chases the love of his life around the Cineverse. The Cineverse is a universe of worlds from which movies originate. Does it seem that movies just aren't as good as they used to be? Seems there is a change been goin' on for some time in the Cineverse and Delores comes to Earth to recruit Roger and his encyclopedic knowledge of old movies to help her thwart the vile villian Doctor Dred and return the Cineverse to what it was before it is too late. As usual, Shaw populates this world with intriguing, humorous characters. Chief among them is Doc, the town drunk from the western world who is a crack shooter when he's had just enough, but not too much, to drink. While in each of the worlds, the "physics" change according to movie magic. For instance, in the western world, the hero can shoot more than six bullets from a six-shooter without reloading and villians must always throw their guns when they run out of bullets. There is a lot of humor taken at the expense of old movie cliches and, for the most part, it makes for very dandy reading. Beware the Musical Comedy worlds! Everything must rhyme and you can't help but to be happy!

A Bride of the Slime Monster

dreaded foreign art film with subtitles and Edward the misunderstood slime monster who wants Deloros as his slime bride

Revenge of the Fluffy Bunnies

More tasty treats from this gruesome author! 4 Gristles!