by Michael Slade

After spending nearly five months studying for an industry exam, I settled back with some literary bubblegum, this here seriel killer who-dunnit. Seems there is a killer on the loose in London, no, make that two killers. Wait, three killers now on a killing spree in... FOUR! Four killers in London. And one in Canada. The writer, Michael Slade, is actually three writers who are actually criminal lawyers specializing in those with psychological problems. The result is a realistic, very graphic book that takes the reader until the end to figure out where all the pieces fit. This is the second book that I've had to make a list of characters to keep things straight while I read, which also helped when the book wound down in order to make connections between the various killers. My only beef with this book is that it was so well researched that at times it read like a research paper for a page or two. Do I really need to know the history of London's sewer system?

Good but not enough to make me read more by this author.