No More Mr. Nice Guy

by Michael Bruce and some editor who probably did all of the writing and lots of cleanup

Written by the lead guitarist/songwriter from the original Alice Cooper group, this brief (140 pages, including lots of photos) book covers the Alice Cooper group from their inception through the breakup period, with a chapter on what has happened since then. While it was interesting to read a differing viewpoint from that presented in "Me, Alice" and "Billion Dollar Babies", there really wasn't a lot of substance in this book. A short paragraph would cover the recording of one or two songs and there were very few tales of what went on behind the scenes. The text was badly written (I hate to mention it, but Michael Bruce was a jock before becoming the guitarist and it shows) which makes me shudder at how badly this would have been without the "written with" co-author. The book is essentially a whining example of how no one got the respect they deserved and how everyone made bad business decisions and after all this time no one has any bad feelings against Alice so hopefully we'll all record together soon and reform the original Alice Cooper band. Okay, there aren't run-on sentences like that, but this is the general feel. Definitely a nice book for hardcore Alice Cooper fans but only as a supplement to the two existing books.

Two Gristlanos!