The Organ Grinders

by Bill Fitzhugh

Another great book from Bill Fitzhugh... would have been four gristles but quite a bit of the book was a diatribe of "SAVE THE EARTH". Yes, it was part of the story but almost to the point of too-thickness of being preachy. Almost. As with Pest Control, this was a quick, entertaining read with lots of laughs and twists that keep you guessing literally until the end. I loved the scene where the various sects of vegans fight, or rather would have fought if they hadn't been so weak. Then there's Arty, a quick healer who decides to sell his body parts on the black market. At the end he is an armless, legless, one kidneyed, one-eyed, one-testicled, baboon hearted stump of a man. A great read... it's real close to four gristles...

Three Gristlanos!