The Fugative Pigeon

by Donald Westlake

All Charlie Poole ever wanted was an easy life. So when his Uncle Al with connections to the mob got him a cushy job running a small bar (plus receiving and handing over unmarked packages), he was quite happy not to ask any questions or wonder what was in those packages. But suddenly the mob thinks he is leaking information to the police and want him dead! Thus begins Charlies adventures in trying to clear his name as he tracks down the leaders of the New York mob while avoiding Trask and Slade, the two ugly goons hired to kill him.

Written in the late 60s, I've found that I prefer Westlakes earlier works. They are simpler, telling the story concisely in under 200 pages and moving at a quick pace that matches the energy and vigor in the story. An excellent read!

Four Gristlanos!