by Ben Elton

Bob Dillon (no, not that one) has but one dream... to own his own extermination truck with a large fiberglass bug on top. He plans to start his own chemical-free extermination company just as soon as he successfully cross-breeds a new strain of assassain bug, a bug that kills other bugs. However, during a drunken evening with a friend, his name and hastily made flyer is sent to Marcel who is advertising in the newspaper for an "exterminator". One mixup follows another and soon the top ten assassins from around the world are after Bob who has climbed his way to the #1 spot without actually killing anyone. Origially conceived as a movie script, Fitzhugh turned it into a novel after Hollywood sent him packing. Of course, now that it has been published, some studio has bought the rights to the book. Unless they butcher it, this would make a great movie! A top rating! FOUR CHUNKS OF GRISTLE!!!

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