The Blue Goo in the Loo

I awoke late last night at a quarter past two
And to my amazement, my bladder had grew!
So quickly I flew to the room of the loo
Where the urinals few line the walls two by two.
I knew I was due for the minutes were few,
My stomach did stew and the urgency grew.
But OOooooo!
What is the blue that lies in the loo?
I simply can't do at the sight of the goo!
In an instant I knew that this just would not do,
Have the loo filled up with this goo.
Quickly I knew it was Adrian Belew
Who put all this goo in the depth of the loo.
But what does it do, this blue in the loo?
A trick by some shrew to make loos smell so new?
But I knew that the goo in the loo was not new
For I stepped in some once with the heel of my shoe
When my Aunt Belzadowsky took me once to the zoo
As we ran, quite pursued, by a green cockatoo.
I digress,
Yes I do, for the stories not thorugh!
I stopped with me standing in front of the loo
Where my bladder was full and the minutes were few.
That's when Mr. Belew appeared out of the blue...
He stepped on my show and he shouted out, "BOO!"
I asked, he refused to admit to the goo
Which had clogged up the plumbing of this once great loo.
Then he left, quickly too!
It was then that I knew that he lied about putting the blue in the loo.
But that will not help me, oh what should I do?
'Cause my filling up bladder still won't go...
Could you?

By Akbar & Jeff sometime in 1992