A Little Boy

A little boy (who, incidentally, was never named by his parents due to a flash flood which occurred just moments after he was born and was not actually little as he was quite big for his age... just little compared to adults) was once (because at that very time it WAS once, though by this time the very act has occurred again and again to the point that this one journey would have been lost forever amongst the many if not for this one simple recollection) walking (something he liked to do which was fortunate as he had no bicycle and was not yet of a legal age where he could drive a car, even IF his feet could reach the gas pedal) to (a lovely preposition) school (a rather large building, sometimes with windows and almost always with children and teachers, though sometimes the children ARE the teachers and the teachers act like children but that is life) when he (the boy) saw (and this act was nothing new as this boy had been seeing for many many years, and many a strange thing he has seen, though, believe it or not, it is not the purpose of this particular story to retell the many odd things he has seen, as interesting as thay might be) an empty (obvious this kid will grow up to be a pessimist) paper (biodegradable) bag lying on the ground (which is quite good because if this bag was floating or speaking or eating a ham salad sandwhich then this WOULD be one of those stories I told you earlier that I was NOT going to write about so STOP trying to get me to!!!! IF THAT IS THE WAY YOU ARE GOING TO BEHAVE THEN YOU CAN JUST FORGET THIS STORY!!!!!!!)
(so there!)

By Uncle Smeggy, 1994